Dysfunctional Ani

So, it’s July and I remember I told myself that I was going to write about my experience living in Massachusetts during the months of May and June… umm hello, Ani where have you been? Why didn’t you write? Why did you skip over June and go straight to July???

I feel attacked…by myself? Idk

I got accepted into an archaeology field school at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts for six weeks in May and June which was crazy in and of itself because I am a history major. I am not an Anthropology major so idk how or why I was there. But there I was, alongside six other sick individuals who also wanted to wake up every morning at the butt crack of dawn to dig holes and excavate in the bipolar Massachusetts weather. We were a random bunch and that is putting it lightly.

There are so many different topics that I want to document for my future self, so I am separating them into four parts.

  1. Amherst, social life, and UMASS
  2. Exploring the surrounding cities
  3. Excavation and the site
  4. Mental health that I experienced at UMASS

I will post about those topics whenever I have time but I am currently about to travel to NYC so in similar Ani-fashion of being dysfunctional I am putting everything out of order. Stay tuned.


Dysfunctional Ani

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