Boston Day II


I think day two was my favorite by far. We made plans to head towards Boston Common again so that we could sign up for the Freedom Trail Tour which is probably the most famous tour in Boston since the red brick that the tour is on was built straight into the sidewalk. It goes throughout Boston to most of the famous sites that influenced and were significant points during the Revolutionary War. The Old State Meeting House, the Boston Massacre site, the Old Town Hall with Benjamin Franklin out front (he hated his birthplace Boston BTW), and Paul Revere’s House were personal favorites of mine.


The Old State Meeting House
Benjamin Franklin in front of the Old Town Hall
Paul Revere’s House


Paul Revere’s House is right within North End, or the Italian side of town or “Little Italy” whatever you want to call it, it’s where we were mistaken as Italian multiple times. Which came in handy when a little old Italian man with a cute little dog named Lola let us pet his dog and openly talked to us.

Lola the Italian Dog

This might not seem like much, but it was a rarity over there. Throughout the five days barely anyone made eye contact, said hi, or said good morning to us. I didn’t take it personally because multiple people have said that that is just the way people are in New England but that old man and his dog were the friendliest pals that we came across in Boston by far.

Finally, we took the T to a suburb outside of Boston where the Sam Adams Brewery where we took a tour and got to do a beer tasting.

Sam Adams Beer

Because I worked at Karbach Brewery in Houston, I feel like I know some things about craft beer, but you learn so much about the brewery and fermenting process that beer goes through before it goes out for distribution by taking a tour. We ended up buying a bunch of merchandise from Sam Adams but not as much as I have for Karbach.

Overall, I think Day II was my favorite day out of all five days.

-Ani XO

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