My Race

Yoga is a completely different experience than I thought it would be. I guess it is like anything else; the more you put into it, the more you receive in return. According to my “Goals For 2018” list number three was to get into yoga. I can say that I got a membership to a yoga studio and have been going every other day since I wrote the list.

However, this week I have been going every day because I wanted to try out a 21-day challenge, but I can already tell that (because of school, work, and my internship) I am not going to be able to attend EVERY SINGLE DAY but instead just every other day like how I began. My yoga teacher said something today that hit very hard, and it was more than just what everyone sees on tv shows of stereotypical yoga instructors “align your chakras “blah blah blah.

She told a story about a boy who was on the track team who would always come in second to another boy on the track team whenever they raced. She said that the boy’s dad went to watch him race one day and when the boy came in second again the son went up to his dad defeated, but his dad gave him this advice “you keep coming in second because you are running his race.”

The boy was a sprinter; meanwhile, the other boy who always won was a long-distance runner. The boy would still come in second because he was trying to keep up with the long-distance runner the whole time instead of sprinting like he was attuned to. So, in his next race, the boy sprinted. And he won. His dad told him not to run someone else’s race, to focus on yourself and you’ll reach your destination on your own time.

As my instructor told this story, I found myself relating to it more than I thought I would. She was talking about not comparing yourself to others within the class because they might have been practicing yoga for a lot longer than someone else. However, I related it to my everyday life more. I have been obsessing over the fact that I won’t be graduating on time in the four allotted years, but instead, in four and half years, I know it may not seem like a lot, but to me, it was the end of the world.

All of my friends were graduating on time, and I felt like a failure, but they did not go through the shit I went through last year. Honestly, I don’t know how I went through the shit I went through last year. I’m still at a loss. I coped with the fact that I’m not my friends and I had to drop some classes to be able to mentally and physically keep up with my schoolwork. WHICH IS OKAY!

I am honestly so happy that I am graduating when I am, it gives me more time with my sorority sisters, my friends, my studies, my university, and my family. I am going at my own pace, which is how I will succeed in life. I can’t compare myself to others when my race is different from theirs. I am dedicating this year to the dreams that I want to achieve and that I will achieve.


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